It is time for my weekly weigh in but I am on vacation so I do not have my scale. But I have been doing my best not to gain weight, we will see how successful it was when I get home.

In effort to maintain my current weight during my vacation I have been trying to eat fruit and salads for meals as often as possible. Of course I cannot go without my coffee in the morning so I have been having a banana with my coffee; nutritious, energizing, and low in calories. For lunch an egg sandwich and fruit salad is the way to go. And for dinner a seafood or grilled chicken salad satisfy your hunger without the calorie overload. Although, I had to indulge in some sushi one night, but did not totally over do it. We ordered a big plate of edamame to eat eat before the sushi arrived. Edamame contains protein and fiber which helped fill us up so we were not too hungry when the sushi came preventing us from over eating. We did not order miso soup because it contains huge amounts of sodium. My boys love sushi, but it is risky for them to eat raw meats as their immune systems still have not fully developed so I always make sure to get them a role with cooked fish. My first choice is salmon due to its omega 3 polyunsaturated fats which play an important role in the health of nerve cells.

Research shows most homemade dishes are lower in fat, sodium and sugar than their commercially prepared equivalents, but eating out can be healthy if we make the right choices. Do not assume salads are low calorie all the time, some have more than one thousand calories. Read the ingredients, make an educated guess and ask your server to put the dressing on the side. That way you can use only as much as you need and cut a significant number of calories.

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