Weight loss is a long process and if we are always suffering from hunger it is a setup for failure. A person can only remain hunger for so long before s/he begins to binge eat. What should we do? If we eat until we are full we gain weight but then if we remain hungry for long periods of time we binge eat. How do we overcome this? What is the solution?

The solution is volume. The body does not calculate how many calories we have consumed to know it is full, the stomach sends a message to the brain when it is full, the fullness feeling is induced by volume not by calorie count. So how do we eat until we are comfortable but still lose weight.

The method is called volumetric dieting, choosing foods that have a big volume but low calories. Fiber is the key component here. The gut does not digest fiber, it passes through and some is fermented in the thick intestine which helps the growth of healthy flora in the gut. Both induce regularity and relieve constipation. Additionally fiber slows digestion making you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Which foods are fiber rich? Fruits, vegetables and whole grains all provide excellent sources of fiber. Beware, according to Dr. Andrew Weil at the Natural Supplements Conference in San Diego, California of February 2013 the benefits of whole grains appear only when it is in its naturally occurring form not when it is ground into so called whole grain flour because all the fiber has been broken down during the milling process. Some examples of true whole grains which provide fiber and induce satiation for long periods are bulgur, quinoa, freekeh, barley, oatmeal, wheat, etc. you get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I bought a meal from McDonalds maked up of a classic crispy chicken sandwich, a southwestern salad, a large coke and fries and for dessert an apple pie; it came up to a total of 1970 calories. More than my calorie allowance per day. Then I put together 3 homemade meals and two snacks with two lattes for 1830 calories. Just to help put things in perspective the dinner plate in the picture is 12 inches wide. Have a look at the picture, which will keep you fuller for the day?

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