I am very happy to announce I am back on track this week! I lost 1 pound this week putting me 2 pounds from my reward weight. Maybe I’ll be able to get that dress I liked in a couple weeks. This is so exciting. From my yoyo experience, the key to painless weight loss is an abundance of vegetables and fruits. I do not know what I would do without then. Probably spend the whole day hungry counting the seconds to my next meal but by snacking on fruits and eating lots of vegetables at each meal, I get through the day feeling satisfied most of the time.

But eating mostly fruits and vegetables is not enough. Being mindful of serving sizes is also crucial. We have become so accustomed to over eating that the proper proportions look miniscule. How many people do you know have an ice scoop size of pasta and call it their serving. Most people eat half a plate of pasta, not a small ice cream scoop serving. Did you know 1/2 a cup of rice is considered a serving? Next time you cook rice, use a measuring cup and serve yourself only half a cup of rice. You will be surprised how small the amount is.

Please have a look at the chart below which shows the serving sizes for different food and then relates the sizes to every day items. This will allow you to remember the proper portion for each food even if you do not have your food scale or measuring cup close by.

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