Saturday is here again and today is the day I weigh myself to chart my weight loss. I did it again, I reached my goal of losing one pound this week. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the gym as much as I would have like this week but weight loss goal is still on track.

Thankfully, dieting this time has not been that bad. There are a few tactics I am using that are working very well for me this time:

Most of the grains and starches are consumed in the morning for breakfast. I try to limit grains as much as possible through out the rest of the day.
Lunch and dinner are mainly vegetables and a light protein like grilled shrimp, hummus or sautéed lean hamburger meat mixed in with a vegetable.
Water, water, water and more water
Dairy! dairy is both a good source of protein and an important source of calcium. Never skimp on calcium, not even for a diet. You will pay the price later when you are old and it is too late to do much about osteoporosis.

There are 2 things I cannot live without, lattes and sweets. So I am allowed 2 plain lattes a day (each one provides 8 oz of milk) and one tiny sweet; nothing more than 150 calories. Now that I have started limiting my sugar intake, I find I crave it less. Some days I can even get away without eating my sweet.

Tip: for those of you with a sweet tooth like me, try keeping mini chocolates in your house like Andy’s mint chocolates or mini Reese’s peanut butter cup. Reach for one of those when you crave something sweet and suck on it instead of biting it. You will find this method curbs the craving. Instead of consuming two or three hundred calories, you had twenty and over came the craving.

Well, if I keep up the weight loss, next week I will reach my present weight. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the dress.

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