All my life I have struggled with my weight. I have never been extremely over weight but as long as I can remember I have been pleasantly plump. On a daily basis I must track what I eat, work out and try my best to eat healthy. There isn’t a diet under the sun I have not tried. Once as a teenager I even used appetite suppressant pills out of desperation. Throughout the years I have learnt the hard way that different diets work for different people and even if one diet works once it for a person, it might not work again due to changes in lifestyle, metabolism and endurance.

A few years a ago I read a book called French Women Don’t Get Fat. I appreciated the ideas and techniques explained in the book. I took particular interest into the leek soup diet but never tried it. But over the years being a nutritionist, I have not come over a more entertaining diet related book to read. Now the author of the book did not endorse this post, nor does she know I am a fan or that I even walk the face of the Earth but I decided to try her leek soup diet but give it a twist of my own.

The next day I headed out to the grocery store and bought 2 pounds of leeks and steamed them, preparing them for the beginning of my diet the next day. The book says to drink the broth, but I could not bring myself to do that so I saved it to make minestrone soup. It also says to enjoy the steamed leeks with a squirt of lemon, dash of salt, a drizzle of olive oil and garnished parsley which I did and found delightful. The main difference in the route I choose was to have breakfast. As a nutritionist I am a sound believer in a nutritious breakfast so I had a cup of coffee, an apple, and half a mozzarella and pita bread sandwich; then the steamed leek 2 day booster diet began.

The day went by smoothly, I did not get as hungry as I thought I would. But I am a human and I do cheat a little. At night out of pure craving for carbs I had a 100 calorie vanilla ice cream.

The point of this diet is nothing other than reducing calories intake and helping the stomach get smaller by reducing proportion size. I accomplished both today; so day one was successful. I will take it day by day. Hopefully tomorrow will be as beneficial.

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