It is the holidays, I am going to eat.

That is true, no matter how hard we try, most of us end up over eating.  But we can make better choices when it comes to the food we put on our plates.

Never go to a party hungry. Have a lite snack like; some fruit, a salad or an ounce of nuts. That way you will not snack on the appetizers.

1.Take a salad or low calorie vegetable dish you like with. The hostess will always appreciate the extra food and you will have something low calories you like.

2. Try a tiny bit of every thing but fill your plate with the low calorie dishes.

3. As soon as your plate is empty, get rid of it.  Throw it away, wash it, break it if you have to. Make sure it is not in your hand so you do not go for seconds.

4. Water, water, water! Drink only water and calorie free drinks so you do not consume calories without even noticing.

The holidays can be healthy and delicious, it just takes planning and the tricks above to make it through without your waist line growing. Remember, they are 5 rules, one for each finger of your hand.

Happy Holidays!

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