I made this recipe up the other day when the kids were
hungry and kept asking for pizza. They loved it and ate the whole thing.  There wasn’t a single piece left for my

 I do not like using
processed foods, but this recipe uses the few processed foods that do enter my

Fast and Easy Pizza

One roll of crescent rolls

½ cup spaghetti sauce

¾ cup low fat mozzarella cheese

¼ cup chopped fresh or canned mushrooms

¼ cup sliced onions

¼ cup sliced olives

¼ cup pineapple bits

1 mini fresh pepper sliced

(any other pizza topping you like)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Unroll crescent rolls on a tray
and seal openings between crescents closed. You can use some waxed paper under
the crescent rolls to make clean up fast and easy too.

Now, spread spaghetti sauce on pizza dough evenly, next the
cheese. Now add all the healthy toppings you want. Put pizza in the oven for
about 7 minutes.  Cheese should be melted
and the dough looks almost finished cooking. Now turn on the broiler on low for
another 7 minutes. But keep your eye on the pizza. Everyone’s oven is a little
different and it could burn easily with the broiler. Once the spaghetti sauce
starts to dry and cheese is getting nicely drowned take the pizza out and let
it cool for a couple minutes. Finally, enjoy with a healthy salad of your
choice for a fast and easy healthy meal.

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