Walking down the streets of our neighborhood is like strolling through the different sections of a botanical garden. Lucious green lawns and flower beds more colorful than a rainbow are the reward of the hard work of the tireless gardeners. As I walk through the neighborhood, I frequently stretch my neck in hopes of getting a look at a vegetable garden here or there but unfortunately they are far and few between. But when I do get a glimpse at one, a bigger smile spreads across my face. 
All plants are beautiful and serve a purpose in this world but my favorite plants are those I can eat. We plant a vegetable garden every year and each year we get better and more courageous, willing to experiment with new varieties. Vegetable gardening is not only fun but it is healthy for more reasons than you think!
First off, it is a great work out. If you garden properly, it is not strenuous. In fact it builds strength and stamina. Whenever I garden the next day my legs are soar from all the squats I did mindlessly getting done to dig, plant, pick and weed. My arms get a great work out from all the lifting and digging. And I get some heart healthy walking from going back and forth from the garden to the garage, kitchen or wherever I have to go. 
In addition to the work out, gardening encourages people to eat more vegetables and fruits especially kids. Children get excited about the peas, green beans, lettuce or whatever they grow in their garden making them more willing to try new foods. 
Finally, it also a fun productive way to spend time with the family. It gives everyone a sense of accomplishment of what the family did together. Children like to show off their gardens to friends and family which help build self-esteem in their abilities to reach goals. At the end they have something to show, enjoy and share after all their hard work.  
There is still some time to start your own. Build a family with healthier bonds and bodies, now get out there and garden. 

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