Today presented me with new challenges related to my diet,
but thankfully I learnt my lesson from yesterday about not waiting until I get
to hungry before eating a meal.  I also
made the decision to eat a salad as my lunch before my trip even began.  As I did yesterday in preparation for my trip,
I packed grapes, bananas and tangerines. They provided everyone with a healthy
snack and substantial fiber since most people tend to complain from constipation
when on road trips. 

Carbohydrates play an essential role in our diet, but the
culture and environment we live in unconsciously push us to consume more than
we really need. Another fact most people are not aware of, grains and potatoes
are not the only sources of carbohydrates. Many fruits and vegetables provide
ample carbohydrates to our diet. 
Therefore, I prefer to get most of mine from fruits and vegetables.  In the morning for breakfast is when I
consume my daily dose of grains, usually in the form of pita bread.  This morning I had my beloved mozzarella cheese
and pita sandwich with a side fruit and a latte for breakfast.  Then we hit the road.

There is something about a long stretch of highway that stimulates
ones appetite.  Before my metabolism went
downhill, I used to snack on nuts, seeds, cookies, chips you name it on long
trips.  But 30 pounds later, I got wise
and now we enjoy fruits and veggies. 
Then rolled around lunch time, it was not hard to make a good decision today
because I had a good breakfast, healthy snack and I did not wait until too late
to stop for lunch.  I am a scrumptious seafood
salad with a light dressing. It was both delicious and satisfying. 

The salad was big so it held me for awhile. In the evening,
we decided to retire early so we finished the fruits I packed for snacks and
called it a day. I did cheat once today, I had some gummy bears.  Looking back over the day I am pleased with
the choices I made.  For a day on the
road it was a healthy one.  I look forward
to many more.

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