Today was my first day back to the gym after a 2 week
break.  It was great to get back on the
treadmill and feel the blood pumping in my veins.  While I was power walking and checking
facebook simultaneously I realized I had not made any progress over the last
year in the exercise department.  I have
never been a runner, not even as a kid. 
I love to walk, I like pilates and yoga, my favorite family time is
biking in the spring but no running; nothing that really gets my heart
pumping.  This brought me to my new goal
for the first part of 2013, run 5k nonstop in 30 minutes by the end of April.  I can walk 5k in 45 minutes, so running by
the end of April should not be that hard. 
My goal is measurable, attainable, sustainable and has a time

Now at the gym I will train with a goal in mind so hopefully
I will be more motivated to exert more effort. 
I look forward to the gym tomorrow and I look forward to a healthier me!

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