Today went smoothly, it was nice knowing today is the last day I have to eat leeks. They are very tasty but two days is enough for me.

As I said said yesterday I am a strong believer in breakfast, so this morning I had 1 scrambled egg, one apple cinnamon Danish (the recipe is a previous blog post), one tomato, a latte and half a grapefruit.

Yesterday I ate all my leeks so today I ate leftover leek vegetable soup. It contained butternut squash, leeks, celery, lentils, carrots, and a handful of oatmeal to give the soup a little thickness. After I enjoyed a healthy breakfast in the morning, I resumed my leek soup two booster diet.

For lunch I had two cups of the soup, it was tasty and satisfying. Because the soup was so light, a few hours later I got hungry again so I had another cup. According to the original diet, at the end of the second day a light meal is consumed. For my light meal, I chose a vegetarian omelette and hummus with half a loaf or pita bread. The problem arose when I went to visit some relatives. They were celebrating a birthday and were serving ice cream cake. Not all people take no for an answer and being the sweet lover I am, twisting my arm is not hard. In order to overcome this problem, I told my generous hostess I would finish my son’s piece because I did not want to over eat. This actually worked well. I gave my son a small piece, he ate some; and I finished it off. Thankfully, my son wasn’t forced to finish a sweet, I had a tiny piece, and nothing went to waste, triumph by all accounts.

Now that my two days are done, I am eager to find out how much weight l lost. Tomorrow, will be here soon. Hopefully I will be a couple pounds closer to my goal. But this is not the end. I still need to continue the weight loss. My goals is to adopt a healthier, sustainable lifestyle and shed the extra baggage. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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